Sunday, February 14, 2016

Son of Tashlin

Tim Miller, director of Deadpool discusses his first live-action feature.

... Q: With a background in animation with Blur [Studios], how was the transition to live action?

Miller: It’s extremely painful. Every day I wake up and- (LAUGHS). Y’know, the directing part is not that different and I think running a bigger company had a lot of value to running a bigger- I mean this-basically this production is about the size of business my company does in a year sort of crammed into a six month period. So, I think just managing people and not having them hate you, utterly, a little bit maybe, but not completely, that was a big help. ...

The Brew notes how the movie was a looong time in gestation, and that Fox wasn't gung ho to make it until these footage leaked out and momentum began to build.

But that's not unusual. There have been a large number of movies that studios were unenthusiastic about making that ended up huge hits, one of the more notable examples being Fox's own Ice Age. (On that one, Rupert's minions were less than totally enthusiastic until a trailer from the movie got big audience reactions in Europe. At which point, Fox decided not to sell Blue Sky Studios.)

But Mr. Miller and Mr. Reynolds have now created a big hit on a small budget. And Hollywood and the wider world now become their oysters. At least for a while.

And if you don't know, you can find out who Frank Tashlin here.


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