Sunday, February 28, 2016

Upset. Not.

To nobody's surprise, a studio in Emeryville won "Best Animated Feature".

Jonas Rivera and Pete Docter.

Director Pete Docter — a member of Pixar Animation Studio’s so-called "brain trust" — won his second Oscar for Disney/Pixar’s juggernaut Inside Out on Sunday. He previously won for 2009’s Up.

Inside Out’s producer Jonas Rivera won his first Academy Award for the film. (He also produced Up, but at that time the producer wasn’t included on the animated feature category ballot.)

"We are so lucky. Not just us, but everyone in this room, because, regardless of a gold man or not, we get to make stuff," Docter said. ...

Who the Little Gold Man for long-form animation might have been going to was totally up in the air ... like wondering if there'd be summer sunshine in the San Fernando Valley.

When a picture owns critical raves, a huge box office, a host of other golden trophies from earlier awards ceremonies, and has the backing of a large, international entertainment conglomerate, 99.7% of the suspense about who the winner will be has been drained away.

But maybe the other nominees will get some commercial boost by being competitors. That's the hope, anyway.


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