Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Mon Dieu! Could some geographical locales the screaming "Uncle!" as regards Free Money.

... British Columbia's Finance Minister Mike de Jong says the province can no longer afford to keep the tax credits that draw film and TV-productions such as the box-office smash Deadpool at their current levels.

“We’re not prepared to see payouts grow at the rate they have. We have a balanced budget, but we have other priority areas that we feel we need to address on behalf of British Columbians,” Mr. de Jong said in an interview on Wednesday. He was elaborating on concerns about the credits recently addressed in the B.C. budget speech, which said a solution would be announced in coming weeks after talks with the industry. ...

According to the most recent B.C. budget and fiscal plan, foreign production spending – largely linked to Hollywood – was about $1.6-billion in 2014-15, and about 20,000 people are employed in the sector.

The relatively low Canadian dollar is among the factors that make Canada appealing to U.S. producers. About 80 per cent of the film and TV productions shot in B.C. are developed for Hollywood. ...

It always happens at some point. Some killjoy politician says "This is too expensive" and takes away Tinsel Town's vodka laced punch bowl. But of course, then Hollywood scoops up its shiny marbles and goes off to some other schoolyard where Free Money can be found in abundance. London. Atlanta. Montreal.

There is always someplace willing to put large entertainment conglomerates on the dole. If not for the subsidies and bargain exchange rates, Los Angeles would have double or triple the work it now has.


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