Monday, February 29, 2016

The Animation Guild Golden Awards Interviews #!3 -- Betty Anne Guenther and Grace Godino

Betty Ann Guenther and Grace Godino broke into the animation business at Disney in 1937. Naturally enough, they both landed in the Ink-And-Paint Department because that was the career route women had open to them in the 1930s.

Grace Godino was born in 1916, starting her show business career at Walt Disney Productions in early 1937. There she joined a growing staff that worked long hours getting Walt's first animated feature out. (In the interview she recounts seeing the picture projected on a sound stage over half a year before its release, and knowing that the feature was going to be a hit.) ...

Besides the ink and paint career, Grace served as a stand-in for Rita Hayworth in Gilda and The Loves of Carmen. She passed away in 2011, aged 96. ...

Betty Ann Guenther arrived at Disney in the same year that Ms. Godino did. She began as an inker on Snow White but was terrified of being cut during the weeks spent training for the job. Within six years she had risen to supervior, a position she retained through decades of work. Ms. Guenter died in 2010 at the age of 93.


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