Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Animation Guild Golden Award Interview #10 -- Larry Silverman

The tenth chat in this series of chats conducted by Harvey Deneroff, this one with animation veteran Larry Silverman.

Larry started in the business in 1926 on silent cartoons, and was still in the business in the 1980s, animating no television cartoons. Mr. Silverman thinks his most memorable work was done at Harmon-Ising, where he animated on a variety of shorts, including this one, The Gypsy in Me from 1933. Like many cartoons from the era, this one spoofs a live-action feature, this one being Rasputin and the Empress.

One of the lead animators on "The Gypsy In Me" was Friz Freleng. Concentrate on the animation and ignore the soundtrack, which has nothing to do with the images.

Larry Silverman worked in the animation industries on both the east and west coasts, but he relocated to California as the New York cartoon business started to sag, and worked at some of the major animation studios of the time, including Hanna-Barbera and Filmation. Larry retired from the business in 1982, and passed away in 1995, a month shy of his 87th birthday.


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