Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Academy Award Prep Mishap

Here's an interesting morsel that our MAINSTREAM press isn't covering:
Academy Award prep has been going on feverishly.  Newspapers noted that cranes were putting up large Oscar statues and rain covers.  MSM said:
The crane that helped erect the Oscar also fitted a canopy over what would be an open section of the red carpet just inside the archway. Now, even if it's raining on Sunday (weather reports say it won't be), guests will be sheltered as they enter the Orchid Walk.
Guess what?  Late Monday night, the rain caused the rain-laden canopy (clear plastic) to bend and finally collapse the metal frame from which it was hanging.  The whole rig came crashing down. 
Hollywood Boulevard was closed off as giant cranes lifted the canopy and flimsy metal frame off the ground.  You'd think that this would be a story that was somebody.  But if it was, we can't find any record of it.
Here's to news blackouts and censorship (self- and otherwise.) 


Steve Hulett said...

Addendum: As the cranes lifted the scaffolding out of the walk, the tweaked support posts tore out chunks of stucco and cement from the walls.

The damage is being repaired behind a tall, gold curtain.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it wasn't covered because its not that big of a deal. I love how people seem to think that anything that's not getting coverage in the media is automatically censorship.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "big deal" is what would have happened if it had collapsed on Sunday night.

Steve Hulett said...

Well, the press covered the scaffolding going UP...just not when it crashed down.

Admittedly, it's not the biggest story in the wide world.

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