Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Disney Employees in the Seventh Circle...

of waiting...while the Mouse House sorts out job assignments for "Toy Story 3" staffers. The "TS" sequel might have officially been shut down, but some employees over at Circle Seven in Glendale are still up in the air about where they will finally land in the company. Or whether they will land anywhere at all. Around a dozen cgi artists and programmers were brought over from Europe by Disney in the past few months. As one one of them told me: "I just sold everything at home and settled my family here, and now I don't know if there'll be any work after the end of my contract. They're trying to work something out, but nobody is making any promises." A lot of employees on the project -- and this includes the artists here on immigration visas -- have six-month work agreements. Most of those agreements end in the next few months. Some tense folks at Circle Seven these past few days.


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