Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Disney Toons is doing -- has been doing -- a "Peter Pan" sequel centered on Peter's small and comely sidekick Tinkerbell. I think it's a good springboard for a "Neverland" story, and the designs I've seen up on various walls the past couple of years look damn good. But I hear strange rumblings out there around the second star to the right. Artists have groused that Tink talks (not a good sign). Some don't like it's being done in 3-D. And a few weeks back, some production people on the project allowed as how they didn't think the flick -- in its present state -- would go over real well with new animation chief Lasseter. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I was talking to Margaret Kerry (Marc's model for Tink) just the other day.

If ever a project demanded production in traditional animation it would be Tinkerbell. I love CGI stuff on occasion when it fits, but this sure ain't it.

Another reason Disney animation really, really needs John Lasseter.

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