Sunday, March 05, 2006

Union building wish list

I can't put my hands on the new-building "wish list" that the building subcommittee came up with, but here's much of it from memory: - Better parking! We have about 5 parking spaces now, and street parking is terrible. - Better neighborhood. We aren't in the worst neighborhood, but it is pretty lousy. - Good proximity to most studios. This is pretty good now, and we don't want to move to a location that is any less convenient to most studios. - More flexible space. The current building has lots of narrow or oddly shaped rooms, and we're really restricted on what kinds of classes and events we can hold there. It also needs to be around 10,000 sq. ft. total by our estimate. - Large meeting room. Right now we're having general membership meetings in local 44's building. Before we rented the upstairs to Tom T Animation, we held our meetings there, but that's an awkward, L-shaped room with low ceiling and poor lighting. - Decent amenities. We don't need or want the Taj Mahal, but having some windows, higher ceilings, hallways you can walk two abreast, and an overall decor that's not out of some '70's nightmare would be nice. Plus handicap access, and a good workspace for our staff. Those are, I think, the primary necessities. Now, if we're going to go to the trouble of finding a building that meets our needs, we should also try to get a place that will fulfill some of our wants. So also on the wish list is space that would be suitable for art shows, small screenings, and other animation-oriented social and educational events. When I find that list I'll update this post, since I have the feeling I left something out, but this should give you an idea of what we're thinking about. Feel free to use the comments section to add other ideas.


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