Friday, March 17, 2006

Disney Animation in the SEVENTIES (part the fifth)

Larry Clemmons by Ward Kimball. He wrote on the show, but I never saw Larry wear a Mouseketeer hat... Larry C.'s Showbiz Tales Larry Clemmons, the grand old man of Disney Feature Animation's story department, left me with numerous reminiscences. Here's one: On Bob Newhart Bob Newhart was in for a recording session on "The Rescuers," and Woolie wasn't happy with some of his line deliveries. He wanted Newhart to get more emotion and expressiveness into the dialogue, so I got out on the stage to coach him, prod him a little. Bob put up with it for a couple of minutes, then told Woolie and me: "Guys? This is the way I do it." Woolie said, "Well, we'd like a little more oomph." Bob said, "Let me show you something," and led us out to the parking spaces next to the recording stage. He pointed at a large, expensive Mercedes and murmured: "See that car there? I got that car putting the amount of oomph into it that I'm putting into it."


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