Monday, March 20, 2006

The Broom Sweeps at Disney

Informed sources tell me of some of the changes that are now, this minute, sweeping through Disney Feature Animation... John Lasseter is meeting with the Wilbur Robinson crew to give his notes on the story reels for "Wilbur" that he saw last week... Bob Bacon, executive vice president of production at Feature Animation, has been released by incoming prez Ed Catmull from further duties... Around one hundred forty-five Circle Seven employees (these are the folks who were working on "Toy Story III") have been reassigned, thirty-seven will be laid off. Disney staff that we talk to expect more major alterations in the division as the week and month roll on... Stay tuned. UPDATE: Welcome back from our commercial break. It now appears that Andrew Millstein, formerly the head of Disney Florida and -- before that -- The Secret Lab, will replace Mr. Bacon as exec veep for Disney Feature Animation.


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