Saturday, May 03, 2008

And On the Foreign Front ...

Horton is still doing nicely:

Twentieth Century Fox’s family toon “Horton Hears a Who!” stayed on the upper reaches of the international B.O., grossing an estimated $5 million for a cume of $125.9 million.

“Horton” narrowly beat out Warner Bros.’ romantic adventure “Fool’s Gold” to place No. 5 for the weekend. “Fool’s Gold” grossed $5 million from 1,600 in 40 markets for a cume of $26.5 million. Film saw modest launch in Germany with $929,000 for second place.

So let's do some rough math here. Horton will most likely pass $150 million marker on the North American continent this weekend. With another $24 million overseas, the Big Elephant will have a worldwide theatrical total of $300 million, which will no doubt gladden the heart of News Corp.


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