Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weekend of Box Office

The weekend box office derby is about as expected. The well-reviewed Iron Man has sucked most of the oxygen out of the air (I suspected this would be happening when my teenager began agitating to see it a little while back.)

For Friday, Iron Man gobbles up $32.5 million ...

The lacklustre Made of Honor (carried along by McDreamy) collects $5.4 mill.

Baby Mama scoops up $3,480,000 (for a $25.5 million total).

And Horton has dropped from the Top Ten, now standing at $148,765,000 after fifty days of release.

Weekend Final: Here's a surprise. Iron Man did sort of well.

“Iron Man” blasted into the box office stratosphere over the weekend, selling an estimated $100.8 million in tickets at North American theaters and almost certainly establishing a new movie franchise for Marvel Entertainment ...

Including international sales, “Iron Man” grossed an estimated $201 million, according to Paramount Pictures, which distributed the $135 million film. The totals were slightly short of first-weekend sales for “Spider-Man,” the 2002 blockbuster that holds the record for the top nonsequel superhero movie opening ...

Marvel/Paramount's latest blockbuster did indeed suck most of the air from the box office chamber. $100,750,000 for Mr. Heavy Metal; a little more than half that for the next nine features in the Top Ten. Combined.

Second place Made of Honor gathered in $15.5 million, while #3 Baby Mama made $10.3 million.

Rob Minkoff's Forbidden Kingdom dropped 62.5% (ouch) to #6, collecting $4.2 million and running its total to $45.1 mill.

The big elephant Horton remained at #11, sucking in $1,350,000 and bumping against the $150 million mark. The Seuss fable is the only film other than Iron Man to find itself in triple digits within the Top Twenty.



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