Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Studio of Disney Animation

I whiled away Tuesday afternoon at Disney Animation Studios. There was lots of activity going on -- story meetings, animator meetings, supervisors rushing to and fro. I was told by a staffer that more production employees are coming on board for Princess and the Frog in the near future as Princess continues to ramp up ...

The Bolt crew is working lots of overtime. Nobody seems downhearted about it (but maybe genuine fatigue hasn't set in). One European said to me: "I never got extra money for working overtime back home, so I like this fine."

It does my heart good to see a little of the moolah spread around.

Meanwhile, Disney liked its quarterly results fine. The company reported a heart-warming increase in revenues, cash flow, and profits:

Disney impressed Wall Street by announcing a 22% jump in quarterly profit after Tuesday’s closing bell ...

The media and entertainment giant reported fiscal second-quarter earnings of $1.13 billion, or 58 cents per share, compared with $919 million, or 44 cents per share, a year ago. Disney's revenue increased 10% during the period to $8.71 billion.

Disney’s stock has performed better than its peers in 2008, rising more than 3% while Viacom (VIA: 38.78, +0.34, +0.88%) has fallen 12.5% and Time Warner (TWX: 16.31, +0.16, +0.99%) has declined 2.2%.

Tuesday marked the eight straight quarter Disney beat the Street, including an 11-cent beat in its first-quarter results on Feb. 5, according to Thomson Reuters.

All this good news should be enhanced by the animated releases rocketing into the Big Mouse's future over the next several months and pulling in even more coin.


Anonymous said...

Kung-Fu Panda = Wow!

Bolt = WTF!?!


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