Saturday, May 17, 2008

Springtime Box Office

(Maybe it would be useful if I put up the right g.d. graphic.)

With early Friday returns in, Chronicles of Narnia, The Sequel collects over $19 million, bumping Stan Lee's creation down to second place (where it will have to console itself with a $200 million domestic box office in its 16th day or release -- today) ...

Speed Racer decelerates, collecting two million dollars in fourth position. Outside of Iron Man, there is only one film in the Top Ten that's grossed over $50 million (Sarah Marshall). Obviously that will change by the end of the weekend ...

Update: Chronicles of Narnia, Part Deux comes in at #1, but $9 million under the first edition ... or as Ms. Finke puts it:

FRIENDLY KIDS FRANCHISE TURNS TOO FIERCE: Darker 'Narnia 2' Falls $ Short of Original

Meanwhile, Speed Racer is dying a quick and ignoble death, dropping 58.8% in the second lap, collecting $24,367,000 after two weeks. (This is one Joel Silver production that won't --- I'm going out on a flimsy limb here -- make its money back.) Or as Nikki says:

Warner Bros' anime actioner Speed Racer continues as a major bomb, ending Friday No. 4 with only $7.7M (-59%). The $160M movie's cume is just $29.8M -- which means it won't get beyond $50M in total domestic box office.

(Why N.F.'s totals are different than BO Mojo's, I have no idea.)


Anonymous said...

Once again Finke is showing her ignorance in the subject she would like to be an expert in. The box office for Narnia 2 couldn't be lower because it was darker because the general audience would have little to no idea that it was a darker film then the first one. That would only come into play on the second weekend.
I'm guessing it's opening was weaker is that the audience wasn't iterested in going whether due to poor advertising or disinterest because of the first film not having carry over potential.

Steve Hulett said...

It's always risky to attribute collective motive to why a film under-performed (or, for that matter, the reverse).

It's like the financial section of the paper saying why the stock market rose or fell: "light profit taking today, due to the untimely death of King Falkan in Boravia..."

Really? How do they know? All that's really known is that the market went UP ... or the market went DOWN. Beyond that, it's speculation.

Same thing when some studio flack explains why a picture did well. "People were really in a mood to go to the feel good movie of the summer ..."

Nope. They were just in a mood to go buy a ticket and go in. All else is spin.

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