Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Nation's B.O.

... is summertime tangy.

Sex and the City rides in at the top of the weekend list, hauling in $26.1 million on Friday as it overcomes so-so reviews ...

Indy and Co. take $12,250,000 for the second spot and a total of $183.1 million.

Fright flick The Strangers (#3) has the second-best pre-screen average as it collects $7.5 million, while fourth-position Iron Man has $266,350,000 in its hopper.

And Prince Caspian is into triple digits ($106,0008,000) as Robert Iger asks: "Why oh why didn't we release this baby at Christmas like the first one?"

Your Sunday Update: For the weekend, the smallest drop in the Top Ten turns out to be fourth place Iron Man, with a 31.5% decline, a take of $14 million, and a grand total of $276,625,000.

Sex and the City bows at #1 with $52,740,000 while Indiana Jones drops 54.1%, collecting $46,000,000 on its way to $216,881,000.

The Strangers (#3), collects $20.7 million, while Chronicles of Narnia manages $13 million and a total of $115,625,000.

And way down at #13, in 433 theatres, the animated Horton tops out at $152.6 million.


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