Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Disney Experience

Spent part of the afternoon at the Disney hat building beside the famed 134 freeway. For a change I went straight to the story department and kibitzed with designers and story artists ...

Lots of animation has been handed out for first-act sequences for Princess and the Frog. One staffer said: "We're past the experimental phase for animation and into actual production." More artists are steadily coming on board.

A group of Disney story artists have banded together to produce an original comic book. Before it gets published this summer, I'll see if it's okay for me to tout it here.

On my way out, I stopped to watch the animated clips for Bolt now unspooling in the long display case in the entrance hall. They were silent, but highly amusing. The character designs are appealing and the animation crisp. And the gags -- at least the ones I saw -- have a snap and punch to them.

Come November, we'll see if the whole is equal to the entertaining parts displayed in the hall.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve!

Bolt sounds very interesting!

The Princess and the frog is great... wow! I love 2D and I'm happy about this movie!

Steve, what's about Rapunzel?

Unknown said...

Very thank you Steve!!

You kanow something about 'Ramayana' or 'Snow Queen'?

'Snow Queen' will be made by Disney, finally?

Anonymous said...

Gnomeo F : Steve can answer about "Ramayana" and "Snow Queen" , but honestly I haven't heard of anyone at Disney pitching or working on a version of "The Snow Queen" since the late 90's. I don't think Snow Queen is on anyone's slate of upcoming movies for Disney , but who knows ... ?

I thought this recently posted image of the Alligator from "The Princess & The Frog" is very appealing. I am very glad to see Disney doing hand-drawn cartoon animation again !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(*Steve or Jeff : sorry for my duplicate post above . Please delete the duplicate. Thanks. )

Anonymous said...

I agree the gator looks great, but Bolt looks simply horrendous! Looks like a twelve year old designed it!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw those pics up over at the Blue Sky Disney blog last week. I can't wait to see Princess!

Anonymous said...

That's the worst PR image of Bolt they could have come up with. The film does NOT look like that. It looks way, way better.

Anonymous said...

I'm also really excited about "Princess and the Frog" !
As far as I know that image of the Alligator is not the final design, is it? I saw that one between many others on the Wall at Disneys when I was there in January and by then the designs were not completely final yet. Anyways this gives us 2-D people hope :) !


Anonymous said...

I would think it was the final design since it is what they showed the press at that meeting last month.

Anonymous said...

It's only final when it's on the screen.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for another princess movie! I'm so stoked about it being drawn and animated in the traditional way! I really hope that it would become a classic.

Also, why does the alligator look like the one from peter pan?

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