Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Mega Collector Presents: Dick Bickenbach's Sleepy-Time Tom

Bick's layout of the opening shot:

And a Bickenbach model sheet for the 1951 cartoon:

And the final version (complete with Vietnamese subtitles -- ain't the Internet great?):


Larry Levine said...

Beautiful images (top one especially)!!! Interesting how Tom still has the patch between his eyes on the layout but not on the model sheet.

Anyone know (or have a good guess) what king a pencil Bickenbach used?

Anonymous said...

Easy answer, Larry: If you look at the model sheet, it's clearly labeled "1955," four years AFTER the short was made. Also, given that there are no costume or prop references to a specific short, it's probably just a general model.

Another matter: I cant get the short to play. It's just a black screen and pressing the button has no effect. Has anyone else complained?

Steve Hulett said...

We'l try to get it fixed ... soon.

Jeff Massie said...

It's all better now.

And just in case it ain't, here's a direct link.

Anonymous said...

I think those subtitles are Chinese.

I imagine a nation of Chinese earnestly learning their English from the black maid character in Tom & Jerry Cartoons.

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