Friday, March 06, 2009

At Crest Animation

Stole a chunk of the afternoon and popped over to Crest Animation, located in Burbank, and run by a former Disney feature director.

I was over there today because members who work there complained that I wasn't going over to visit very much. So, by way of mea culpa, mea culpa, I drove over there two hours after I got the complaints ...

Crest was formed in the late 1980s, and has been an island of stability ever since, residing at the same Glenoaks Boulevard address for years and years. Currently they are working on Alpha and Omega, a feature that's a joint production with Lionsgate. Most of the pre-production is complete. Most of the production is being done overseas in Mumbai.

The company has now started a new project, yet to be announced, that will be ramping up at A and O goes into full production.


Anonymous said...

Link does not work.
I really have not heard of Crest Animation. How many people are working there? Any complaints...other than you not visiting?

Anonymous said...

It used to be called Rich Animation..
now it's basically a storefront for cheap 3d Indian animation.

Steve Hulett said...

Actually, they are a satellite studio for Crest Animation in Mumbai.

They do the same sorts of things that Imagi's Sherman Oaks operation does for the Mother Ship in Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

Which is the new project they r working, A and O looks a difficult task as Crest and Lionsgate both are a newcommer in this field.

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