Friday, March 06, 2009

"So, when are you moving into the new building?"

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Thanks to the rain and a few other glitches, it now looks like we'll be moving into our new headquarters at 1105 N. Hollywood way sometime this summer.

If you've driven past lately, you've noticed a) a lot of scaffolding and b) the entire building seems to be wrapped in black paper. That's because the exterior is in the process of being stuccoed. (The above photo is facing towards the Hollywood Way entrance, with the art gallery exterior on the left.)

This is entering the lobby from the south parking lot entrance; restrooms on the left, reception ahead, the elevator and second-floor stairway (both under construction) on the right.

Looking past the reception area towards the offices in the north part of the first floor.

Passing the reception desk into the offices, here are the cubicles, one of which will be set aside for Marta Strohl-Rowand, our 401(k) Plan administrator.

The room straight ahead with the workmen will be Steve Hulett's office. The door to the right will lead to Lyn Mantta's office, and the first of the two doors on the left will lead to Jeff Massie's office.


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