Sunday, March 01, 2009

'Toons in Old Tehran

It's March 1st, and you know what that means. It's Day One of the 6th Annual International Animation Festival:

Some 20,000 minutes of animated products will be screened from home and abroad during the five-day event.

The animated products, which have been produced in the past two years, will be screened in seven centers in Tehran ...

The fest will be showing features from around the world, including "Jan Balej's One Night in a City (Czech), Makoto Shinkai's 5 Centimeters per Second (Japan) and Rasa Miskinyte, Donatas Ulvydas, Linas Augutis and Marek Skrobecki's Bug Trainer (Lithuania) ...."

Animation is a fine way to take anxious minds off various world problems. Make cartoons, not war, that's what I say ...


Anonymous said...

If you're lucky the mullah controlled regime won't step in and demand an apology for the content of your film:

Steve Hulett said...


We have such a fine history of depicting our Enemies of the Moment in such gentle, sympathetic ways.

Why would anyone dislike us? We're the GOOD guys. Just ask us.

Anonymous said...

Its a news article on the ACTUAL demands of the Iranian regime(not the fine people of Iran). I thought it was on topic.
You seem to have a problem you want to bring up...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Steve, we ARE the good guys. Ask the Iraqis who now have hopes of a democracy. Or most of Europe, which we rescued during WWII (and whose Enemies of the Moment, such as the Japanese empire and Hitler, we treated none too gently, or sympathetically, in our cartoons. Yet somehow I feel they got exactly what they deserved).

As an American woman who despises the primitive, brutal oppression of radical Islam, I can assure you that I have no doubt we're on the right side in our battle against it. Forgive me if I have no sympathy whatsoever towards those who practice it and force it on others. The mullahs can bite it, and bite it hard.

Anonymous said...

I read about this. It was one minister complaining about the "insensitive" depiction of Iranians in two films, "300" and The Wrestler." One film about a fourth century B.C. battle taken from a comic book, and the other featuring a fictitious wrestling character called "The Iyatolah" who waves an Iranian flag and uses it to strangle his opponents. A comic book and a fictitious wrestler? Are you serious?

Aside from the fact that neither film was within a million miles of any serious depiction of contemporary Iran, its inhabitants or its government, the embarrassing fuss this misguided aparatchik made emphasizes the true and profound differences between our two societies. He lives in a society where political/religious/cultural censorship is a fact of life and we don't. It also shows that there are very powerful political forces in Iran that have a vested interest in maintaining the distance and tension between our two cultures and countries. A film festival or a visit by Hollywood actors don't come close to solving that problem.

Steve Hulett said...

You seem to have a problem you want to bring up...

What would that be?

We're a country like other countries. We've done great things in the world, also not great things.

The liberation of Europe in WWII was one of the better things.

Radical Islam is a sliver of the Islamic faith, as Tim McVeigh was a sliver of Christianity.

Let's isolate and root out the killer crazies where we find them. Hitler was a proclaimed Christian, and we didn't have a problem going after him.

Lighten up.

Anonymous said...

All that stuff about how "we" rescued Europe, "we" defeated Hitler, "we" defeated Japan... that was actually our grandfathers who did that. They can be justly proud of that.

"We" need to stop claiming our grandfathers' glory for ourselves and start accomplishing on the level they fought to make it possible for us to do.

I think it's an encouraging sign that they have animation festivals.

Anonymous said...

yeah--we're the good guys. Selling arms to terrorists. Torturing prisoners, and videotaping it. Destroying 92 2 hour video tapes of torture and lying about it. Invading a country based on lies instead of going after terrorists that attacked our country on 9/11 while idiot bush was asleep at the wheel.

America is a great country, but it will take a lot of hard work to rebuild what the last 8 years of bush, dick, and gop "rule" have done to ruin it. They're spending us into oblivion will take decades to overcome. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

"Radical Islam is a sliver of the Islamic faith, as Tim McVeigh was a sliver of Christianity.

Your point of view could not be more misguided. I see you wasted no time trotting out the "McVeigh example". Besides it being a COMPLETELY incorrect comparison(Timothy McVeigh was not acting on behalf of any specific religion - he executed a bombing to protest our government, exactly like the Ruby Ridge confrontation), it is a desperate attempt to try and shrink the perception of militant islam as a threat.

With your wrong headed McVeigh mention out of the way, what will you mention next? The crusades? Hopefully no one will notice the 800 year in time you need to take to continue trying to salvage your argument.

There are over a hundred acts of violence and terrorism done in the name of Islam every year all ver the globe against all cultures and societies. Try as you might to diminish the gravity of that, it resonates to those who are pragmatic and sensible. In the here and now, not all muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are muslims.

And one thing no one should forget is that the people who have suffered the most deaths at the hands of militant Islam is muslims themselves. Radical Islam is not "a sliver" of the muslim faith. It is the single biggest problem facing the muslim faith. Pretending it isn't there isn't a practical or rational way of dealing with it. Its continued presence means its being furthered in the mainstream of that faith.

Anonymous said...

Um, sorry to interrupt your rant, crazy Jesus Camp lady, but this post was about an animation festival that is happening in Iran. What does radical Islam have to do with any of that?

A country can't host an animation festival without you blowing up about their religion? What is wrong with you? Do your think their religion is the only aspect of their human existence?

Anonymous said...

"What would that be?
We're a country like other countries".

Well, thanks for the feel good moment Steve, but the reality you wash away with that strange relativism of yours is that we are a starkly different country than Iran. You posted a film festival from Iran. I posted a news article about the Iranian regime taking offense to the content of films.

You may not like the fact that the Iranian regime has strict policies regarding content shown in their country, but its probably worth noting when you celebrate a film festival there.

I just posted a news article pulled from the top of the headlines on the same day you made your post. Don't shoot the messenger dude.

Steve Hulett said...

I posted a news article about the Iranian regime taking offense to the content of films.

A cleric and the gov't taking offense at two live-action films.

I was talking about animated films.

But thanks for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

I take them at their word. You obviously do not.

At this point in time, I can't even imagine what could possibly make you dismiss the militant islamic threat(except ironically, the eight years of security and safety that the former administration you decry has afforded you).

Nonetheless, it will probably take another attack before you change your tune. I remember the last one because the people I knew who died haven't come back.

Steve Hulett said...

except ironically, the eight years of security and safety that the former administration you decry has afforded you).

Yes, most certainly.

Unless you were in the World Trade Center on the wrong date. Or died in an anthrax attack (there were five killed after September 11, 2001.)

Outside of that, total safety. Hats off to George Bush.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! And here you are citing the murderous threat of Islamic terrorism after stating that it is something 'less' than a threat. When will this moebius strip of an argument end for you.

And btw, an isolated lunatic like Timothy McVeigh or the Anthrax Scientist, or the Unibomber(lets bring him up before you do) are not equatable to a coordinated militant movement following a fanatical religious ideology that has struck and killed innocent civilians in most nations on every continent of the planet.

...I await your argument that nazism is as dangerous as David Koresh's Branch Davidians.

Anonymous said...

"Unless you were in the World Trade Center on the wrong date. Or died in an anthrax attack"

Or if you were say, a cricket payer on the Sri Lankan team two days ago.

Steve Hulett said...

And what's your solution robiscus? Bomb everybody you perceive to be a threat back to the stone age?

It a source of amazement to me what frighened little girls so many right wingers turn out to be.

Anonymous said...

Wingnuts thrive on fear alone--they perceive it as their power, when it's been nothing but their downfall. The last 8 years have proved that. Now they're all bitter and are making one last fear based threat to democracy because they're afraid they'll be asked to accept responsibility for anything they do. They didn't seem to mind doling out billions to private business with no strings attatched prior to Jan. 20th. bush raised taxes more than any president since reagan--by putting off the inevitable until later. Trickle down economics ALONE never works.

Anonymous said...

"And what's your solution robiscus? Bomb everybody you perceive to be a threat back to the stone age?"

I never claimed to have a solution, but the other poster has a point in noting that it isn't burying ones head in the sand no?

I just posted an article about Iran and movies. But you seized that moment to make a sarcastic comment about the US not being good guys. Compared to the iranian regime we are the good guys. I didn't intend to post in the thread to say that, but if you ask me I will, because if you aren't smart enough to recognize the difference between a free nation and an oppressive theocracy, then I'll help out.

You're the head of the union and I'll pitch in when I can.

Steve Hulett said...

Always glad to be instructed about my stupidity and shortcomings.

And it's always good to be reminded that the world is full of toil and trouble. I had no idea.

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