Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Mountain of B.O.

Now with sugar-free Add On.

The actor formerly know as "the Rock" sits atop the box office heap.

Dwayne Johnston's Race to Witch Mountain, came in Numero Uno on Friday.

Two 1970s remakes weighed down on "Watchmen" in its second Friday as Disney’s Dwayne Johnson adventure "Race to Witch Mountain" notched first with $6.7 million followed by Universal/Rogue’s "The Last House on the Left" which reaped $5.6 million.

In the meantime, Watchmen has imploded, falling 78%. If Warner Bros. was looking for legs on the picture, the company had better start looking elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Coraline hangs in at #10, accumulating grosses that now total $67,183,000.

Add On: Who among us could have guessed that Witch Mountain would triumph again? I mean, since Eddie Albert is dead.

Ah, but the retoasted Disney chestnut lands atop the winter heap, taking in $25 million on its opening weekend.

Elsewhere on the box office list, Taken and Coraline hold well, and Watchmen runs through its fan base to decline 67% (and change) in its second weekend.

Coraline. at Number Seven, is now bumping against a $70 million gross. But I tremble to think what will happen to the little girl when the oncoming Monsters Vs. Aliens gobbles up a bunch of those stereoscopic screens ...


Anonymous said...

Apparently Coraline took a drop a few weeks ago because it lost its 3D theaters to Jonas Brothers Concert Film.

Now that Jonas Brothers has tanked is it possible for theater owners to switch back to Coraline or do contractual obligations stop that in advance?

Steve Hulett said...

Coraline had the second smallest drop of any holdover, declining a mere 18%.

Maybe that's because it hasn't lost more 3-D screens, but gotten some of them back. (I'm guessing here.)

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