Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "F Bomb"? From the Mouse?

Now with extra hearty Add On.

TAG blog often goes to Disney stockholder meetings, but not this year. And too bad we missed it, because this is kind of ... ahm ... interesting (especially given Mr. Mouse's performance on South Park last night):

According to... the National Center for Public Policy Research, Disney CEO Robert Iger used an F-word other than Fantasia at this year's annual shareholders meeting. Conservative columnist Tom Borelli, senior fellow with the organization... claimed that Iger said "F**k you" to him at the meeting...

...Disney spokesman Jonathan Friedland, however, told me that he was 'sitting right there,' and that 'Bob didn't say anything back to him.' He also said he was 'pretty sure Bob shook his hand.’ He described the episode as 'strange.'"

Disney spokespersons deny that Mr. Iger hurled any bon mots toward Mr. Borelli. Mr. Borelli, along with Mrs. Borelli, represents otherwise:

After I finished my presentation I again walked by Iger and offered my hand once again. He just stared at me and said "F--- Y--." I immediately walked back to the podium where I told the audience what Iger said to me.

Since "Fuck" is basically an all-purpose epithet and verb-noun-modifier these days, this is hardly the stuff of a mass fainting. Seems out or character for Robert Iger, but what do I know? Maybe the F-bomb is one of his weapons of choice.

Add On: AOL news takes a somewhat different tack from Borelli's press release:

At issue was Borelli's claim. that Iger has refused to sell the rights to the ABC miniseries "The Path to 9/11" for personal political reasons. Disney asserts that they think the film is "a loser" in the DVD market, and says they are open to offers for rights to the film ...

And the Reverend Moon's paper The Washington Times jumps in, siding with Monsieur Borelli:

The late Walt Disney, who in testimony before Congress accused the Screen Actors Guild of being a Communist front, must have rolled over in his grave when Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger reportedly spouted "[expletive] you" to Tom Borelli, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research's Free Enterprise Project, at Tuesday's annual Disney shareholder meeting.

Mr. Borelli says he just finished informing shareholders from the podium about Mr. Iger's refusal to sell the DVD or distribution rights of the miniseries "The Path to 9/11," and upon returning to his seat attempted to shake hands with Disney's CEO.

That's when the not-so-kind words were uttered. At which time Mr. Borelli says he stepped back before the microphone and quoted Mr. Iger word-for-word, which caused "gasps" from the crowd of shareholders.

"So much for the family-friendly Disney reputation," he now says in a statement released by the District-based conservative think tank and research foundation supportive of a strong national defense ...

And how did other media outlets cover this supposed outbreak of potty mouth? Why, like it didn't happen.

And Tom Borelli? He's one of the fine columnists at Townhall,com. So you can be sure that he's got no axes to grind, none at all.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's not fair, Steve. That's only half a story. Where is, as the late, great Paul Harvey would say, is "the rest of the story"?

Whether or not Iger dropped the "F bomb" is somewhat interesting, but WHY is far more interesting. What pushed him over the line? What comment could have been so irresistibly provocative that this cool mild mannered man lost control?

That's what I want to know.

Anonymous said...

And what kind of prat goes back up to the mic and announces it to everyone? Thats what 2nd grade tattle-tailers do. Sounds to me like he could dish it out but not take it. A real man woulda said "touche" and that would have been the end of it.


Anonymous said...

"the late, great Paul Harvey"

HAH! He's dead, that's fine. Harvey supported red-scare tactics, shallow wingnut politics, and supported raging alcoholic Joseph McCarthy in his witch hunts.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Color me shocked. Over the years, I've heard plenty of his broadcasts. All I recall is a lot of human interest stories. I never heard him express a political opinion on the air. Actually, until about 20 years ago, broadcast editorializing of any kind was relatively rare. I never heard the apparent Fox news prototype you referred to. I was a pre-schooler during the McCarthy era, so I only learned about it later.

If you can direct me to any record of Paul Harvey's politics I would be happy to do the research. I found his broadcasts entertaining and thought his catchphrase was appropriate to the posting.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, enough with the Fox news bashing for Christ's sake. It gets soooo old. Can't certain people just accept the *fact* that Fox News is a tremendous success because it does what it advertises - presents news in a refreshingly unbiased fashion - and THAT'S why a huge portion of the American public eats it up?

Or do certain people really believe that those Americans are idiots and *they're* so much more sophisticated and intelligent and politically savvy and all the other lies they tell themselves. What a bunch of posers.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is not unbiased. If you believe that, you're lying to yourself.

Floyd Norman said...

The public loves animated cartoons. I guess that's why Fox News is so popular.

Anonymous said...

FOX News unbiased? Get that man a job as a cartoon gag writer.....roflmhao!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Fox news unbiased"! LOL

and the easter bunny is real too...hahaha


Anonymous said...

Foxnews is defnitely not biased. They definitely frame their news from an merican perspective and from a viewpoint that upholds American ideals.
To some people thats actually a good thing.

You can watch CNN where they broadcast video taken by Al Qaeda that shows US soldiers being shot by their snipers in Iraq.

Some networks would draw the line at that, but not CNN.

If you consider yourself a "world citizen" and want to embrace the pipe dream that is "multiculturalism" and you are filled with self loathing about having a higher standard of living(conveniently ignoring the hours we work here in America), then Foxnews is not for you.

Don't watch it because you have other bigger disappointments coming your way.

Anonymous said...

They definitely frame their news from an merican perspective and from a viewpoint that upholds American ideals.

But this would mean that they would have a pro-Obama, pro-liberal bias, because America voted Obama to be its president. The overwhelming majority of Americans agree with Obama's ideas, his policies, and the election, and all the polls, show it. America also voted to have an overwhelming majority of Democrats in Congress.

It also means that they would have a liberal agenda, because America is a center-left country that agrees with Democrats on virtually every social issue, and on almost every fiscal issue.

What America doesn't support are conservative social or fiscal policies, which it soundly rejected in the last two elections. Yet for some reason, Fox News ignores America. Fox News hates America. So do its viewers.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Disney is absolutely correct not to bother re-airing "Path to 9/11", or putting it out on DVD.

It was absolutely trounced in the ratings by a friggin football game. Trounced. By a football game. Why would they invest more time and money into a failure?

This, in addition to the fact that, while its producers claimed they would stick to the facts contained in the 9/11 report, they decided to just make shit up, all in a misguided, partisan, and erroneous attempt to shift blame from the clueless and asleep-at-the-wheel Bush administration onto the Clinton administration.

Richard Clarke, who has infinitely more bipartisan and objective credibility than these producers, already wrote the definitive "path" to 9/11 in his book "Against All Enemies." This book, along with the bipartisan 9/11 report, makes clear just who was most responsible for letting the 9/11 tragedy get as far as it did. These conclusions are at odds with the faux-mentary "Path to 9/11."

Anonymous said...

The above post is in regards to WHY Iger apparently said "Fuck you" to the conservative commentator. The conservative was ranting at the stockholder's meeting that Disney should release "Path to 9/11" to DVD.

Anonymous said...

America is not a "center-left" nation.

Type out three more longwinded posts in a row and at the end of your fifteen minutes of diligent internet work, you'll still be writing your own ticket.
Have fun :)

You want to talk about "trounced in the ratings", check out Fox News' ratings versus every single other news broadcast.

Then post your address and I'll send you a tissue.

Anonymous said...

Haha, but you still read it. Victory!

Yes, America is indeed a center-left country.

And you're a sore loserman, because you lost and we won. Keep your tissue. Winners have no need for them.

Anonymous said...

Ha, the only reason you think America is a center-left nation is because you listen too much to the media. The people who are the most outspoken and the media in general are all on the liberal left and swayed by the media...if you don't believe that then YOU are a blind fool. There are an infinite number of examples, and I'll give you some if you want them.

Also, you think all Americans agree with your precious Obama and all Democratic issues? What an ignorant person you are. I was watching CNN the other day (that's right, I get both sides of the coin) and only 34% of Americans were in favor of the stimulus package and health care policies. That's their polling. Now the fact that it's $1 trillion a year for the next ten years, spending more than all the presidents combined in the history of America and unbelievably bankrupting the United States, and you think this is a good thing? If this were Bush would you think the same? Well, turn to your kids right now (and grand kids if you have either)and give them the finger cause that's what you've essentially done.

Nope, we're not sore losers at all - we're just trying to preserve American ideals, not destroy them.

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