Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Image Movers Acquires

Which is good news, as far as we're concerned.

"The Stoneheart Trilogy," a young-adult fantasy book series by Charlie Fletcher, is moving towards a big-screen adaptation, with Robert Zemeckis' production company, ImageMovers, and Walt Disney Pictures in negotiations to pick up film rights to the material.

Here's the program: Anytime a studio employs a lot of folks whom you represent, you want that studio to prosper. Because you want that studio to go right on employing a lot of folks.

So the fact that IM Digital and the Walt Disney Co. are going to have more projects lined up on the tarmac, ready to lift into the Wild Blue, is a very good thing.


Anonymous said...

Now to find people to work on them. That place burns through talent faster than any place I've ever heard, with little to no creativity allowed beyond Zemeckis' bellering. The turnover rate there is incredible, and the burn out rate extremely high. Be forwarned.

Kevin Koch said...

When I visited the studio last year and talked to dozens of animators and TDs, I found that most of them seemed about as happy and satisfied as I've found at any other big studio. Has something happened in the last few months?

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed at IMD. It's still great. I see hardly any turnover. One of the reason's Zemeckis started the studio is so he could interact directly with artists. People who write/believe ignorant blog posts need not apply.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, my husband was offered a job up at IMD recently. How stable is this studio because he was laid off at another studio in visual development. Any information would be helpful because it involves relocating to the Bay Area. Thanks Steve.

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