Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Artists' Settlement" Not Quite As It Seems

It seems that the voice talent on Futurama wasn't thrilled by the trades' coverage of their dispute with Rupert's Minions was not quite as it seemed :

[Variety and The Hollywood Reporter] misrepresented the cast and portrayed a very negative image of them to the public by implying that the actors were asking far and above what the studio was offering, when in reality that was simply not true. It’s also obvious from the feedback comments on both and that the statements made regarding the salaries were indeed misleading to the public.

Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter owe their readers — as well as “Futurama” fans and the cast of “Futurama” — a public retraction for the published errors, rather than trying to quietly augment previous statements ...

It's shocking that Tinsel Town's trade papers would misrepresent a salary dispute in favor of a multi-national conglomerate. You'd almost think that Variety and the Reporter know who has the power and buys the advertising ... and behave accordingly.

But that couldn't be, could it?


Anonymous said...

These sort of things remind me of of Martin Mull's explanation of show business: "It's like high school but with money."

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