Saturday, August 22, 2009

Late Summer Box Office Derby

The Nikkster has the big list of winners for the Friday steeple chase.

1. Inglourious Basterds (TWC/Uni) NEW $14M Fri [3,165], $35M Wkd

2. District 9 (Sony) Week 2 $5.8M Fri [3,050], $17M Wkd

3. GI Joe (Paramount) Week 3 $3.6M Fri [3,953], $12M Wkd

4. Time Traveler's Wife (NL/WB) Week 2 $3.3M Fri [2,988], $10M Wkd

5. Julie & Julia (Sony) Week 3 $2.7M Fri [2,463], $9M Wkd

6. Shorts (WB) NEW $2.3M Fri [3,105], $6.5M Wkd

7. G-Force (Disney) Week 5 $1.9M Fri [2,561], $6M Wkd

8. Post Grad (Fox) NEW $1.2M Fri [1,959], $3.3 Wkd

9. Harry Potter/Half Prince (WB) Week 6 $1M Fri [1,971], $3.5M Wkd

10. Ugly Truth (Sony) Week 5 $850K Fri [1,936], $3M Wkd

The features with large chunks of animation in them perch at #2, #7, and #9. There are no purebreds at the current time, but that could change as the season progresses.

Add On: Final estimates for the weekend festivities are in, Inglorious Basterds ends up at $37.6 million, and the Weinstein brothers breathe a sigh of relief.

District 9 falls by half, ending up with $18.9 million in the Place position, while the animated G-Force (#7) runs its total to $107.3 million.

Outside the Top Ten, Transformers is now $1.5 million shy of the $400 million mark, and Ice Age 3 stands at $192.4 million, and will probably end its domestic run within spitting distance of Monsters vs. Aliens domestic total of $198.3 million. (But it's done a whole lot better overseas.)


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