Friday, August 21, 2009

Cartoon Gagsters at Screen Gems*

Ye Old Animation Studio Photo circa the F.D.R. Administration.

Left image, back row: Art Davis, Al Rose, Harry Love.

Left image, front row: Unidentified, (but if someone said it was Bob Givens**, some would believe them), Sid Glenar, Judge Whitaker, Rudy Zamora.

Right image: Same guys, different positions.

The photo is pre-digital photoshop trickery that falls a little short in this combination of two photos featuring the same guys. Harry Love gave a lot of photos to board artist Bob Foster back in the 70s at Hanna-Barbera, and he provides one of them to TAG blog. Says Bob:

I touched the picture up a little in Photoshop, but some of the overlapping images were just too complex to mess with. I added the "split."

* To most Boomers "Screen Gems" means Columbia Pictures' old television production division. But before Screen Gems T.V., there was Screen Gems the animation studio. The division didn't last long, but it employed a number of animation heavyweights in its brief lifespan.

** Most likely not Givens, as it seems that B.G. never worked at Screen Gems.


Mike said...

I bumped into Bob Givens a short while back and HE recognized ME, which I was shocked at, since we hadn't seen each other since Chuck Jones Film Prod. in 1994!!

A SHARP man for his age!!

We sure had a lot of FUN at that studio with Bob AND Maurice. What a couple of super nice gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Seth McFarlane criticizing the humor of another toon is akin to a Catholic priest criticizing Michael Jackson's choice of consorts.

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