Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ratification Time

SAG has just ratified a new live-action cable agreement with a 93% "yes" vote, and a new animation contract has been approved by the guilds national executive committee.

And as I write, ballots for the new TAG agreement are being delivered by snail mail ...

We encourage, exhort, and hereby ask TAG members reading this to mark their ballot, put it in the inner envelope and then in the orange envelope with prepaid postage, and mail it to the American Arbitration Association for counting on September 9th. (And please don't tear of the little white tag with you name on it. That invalidates the ballot.)

(Results of that contract vote will be posted here on that same September 9th.)


Jeff Massie said...

There are two reasons the return envelope has a mailing label with your name on it:

1. so that the ballot counters at the American Arbitration Assn. can make sure someone isn't Xeroxing duplicate ballots to slant the vote;

2. to double-check that the voter is active and in good standing.

Once the return envelopes are opened, the ballot envelopes are separated and shuffled before they're opened, so there's no way they can tell which ballot is yours. (And the Guild staff isn't in the room when they're doing this anyway.)

Gary Conrad said...

I've tried to mail my ballot but the Post Office has now returned it twice. I'm guessing they think the mailing label is the delivery address. Has anyone else had this problem??

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