Saturday, August 15, 2009

'Toons Progress Abroad

American animation continues its profitable march through foreign lands:

... [C]ontinuing to make headlines were Disney-Pixar's 3-D toon "Up" and 20th Century Fox's "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs." Both are overperforming, underscoring the added value of a higher-priced 3-D ticket ...

"Up," which continues its staggered overseas rollout, placed No. 3 for the weekend, grossing $17.5 million from 2,442 playdates in 21 markets for a foreign cume of $112.9 million overseas. Toon has grossed $287.4 million domestically for a worldwide tally of $400.3 million.

"Dawn of the Dinosaurs" grossed $14.7 million in its sixth sesh to place No. 4 for the weekend. Overseas cume is at $579.7 million, the best of any film this year. Domestic cume is $188.8 million for a worldwide cume of $786.5 million.

"Up" kept the top spot in Gaul in its second frame for a cume of $16.2 million on 718 for Disney. Meanwhile, the hit of the summer in Gaul -- "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" -- dropped only 26% after six frames on 750 for Fox, cuming a whopping $58.5 million.

In Spain, BVI's "Up" took top honors for the second weekend in a row, reaching a high $16.9 million cume. "Up" fell 42%. Copies in 3-D dropped 5% less, suggesting once again that the format has stronger legs. With "Up" still counting strongly, it looks on pace to pass Spain's current numero dos for 2009, "Angels and Demons."

"Dawn of the Dinosaurs" added $2.11 million to its $70.8 million cume in Germany ...


I find that big grosses for animated features are important, since they tend to make companies produce more of the same.

I guess it's a labor rep thing. Artistic triumphs are delightful, but without the big bucks to go along with them, jobs tend to dry up over time.

For some reason, multi-national entertainment conglomerates don't behave like Florentine art studios. No cash, no carry.


Anonymous said...

Nothing against Mr. Hullett, he's just reporting the stats of our industry to keep us informed....which I appreciate!

However, I'd like to take this moment to mention that It's too bad that so many people in (and out of) the business of making motion pictures put SO much attention on box office returns as opposed to the ART of motion pictures.

I'd love to sit down with Martin Scorsese someday and just shoot the breeze. Wouldn't that be nice?

Again, nothing against what Mr. Hullett is doing here. I'm just sad that the world is becoming more and more involved about MONEY first over everything else.

I wonder if the Hubleys died poor. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said... think Martin Scorsese doesn't care about BO? Must be another student....

Anonymous said...

O.K......scrap Martin.
You're right.
I was wrong.
YOU pick one.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is driving IA3 to gross 5x the amount of Up overseas? Both were fine movies in the own right, but what was the secret ingredient in IA3 that made it such a huge blockbuster in foreign markers, and why didn't the same happen in the US?

I just hope we get more dinosaur movies out of this...

Anonymous said...

Who says they're mutually exclusive? Darren Aronofsky made one of the biggest successes and best films of last year, "The Dark Knight." And Pixar made "Up" this year. And the new (RELATIVELY inexpensive) film "District 9" is a shoot-em-up alien film with TERRIFIC social commentary (brilliantly portrayed through the main character). It's called "Show BUSINESS."

Walt was concious about this--as were all early film producers. Why else would they test their films prior to release? Varying reasons, with wildly varying results--JUST like today. Nothing--NOTHING--has changed. You think more money to finish a set would have made the screenplay for "Gangs of New York" better? I doubt it. Scorsese made 2 of his most personal/darkest/artistic projects on a shoestring after wild success AND years of cocaine abuse. The King of Comedy and After Hours were moderate successes as well (probably even turned a profit on video).

It takes all kinds.

Anonymous said...

Wanna see the business side of Walt?

He did this to protect his financial interests, which were then and are now financing/production/and distribution of POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT. Not "fine art."

Although some of it is, to me!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is business, not fine art (in general).

I guess I'd like to see some art in this animation.

You know, wild "out of left field-type" films.
Not the "Hollywood" formulas anymore. it's been driven into the ground.........yet people still pay to see them. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

IA3's gross is much bigger than UP's now because it opened almost simultaneously around the world. It's near the end of its run.

UP hasn't even opened yet in some major markets. UP wont' surpass IA3 but when both are done with their runs it will be closer than it is now.

Anonymous said...

IA# is also the THIRD film, with built in recognizability. Up is a wholly original film, with a terrific offbeat story hard to catagorize. I've seen it 7 times now (and not ONCE in 3D!). It's brilliant.

Could pass IA3, especially once it's released in Japan and the rest of Asia.

Anonymous said...

Aronofsky made what film...? If you're talking about the Dark Knight it wasn't made by Aronfsky...

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I got Nolan and him mixed VERY bad. (at least I didn't say joel schumacher!).

Could have meant either film maker/artist, as they've both had both financial and artistic success without sacrificing either.

Dysitopic Enuciator said...

Aronofsky wanted to film Batman: Year One with Frank Miller writing the script. This is what Nolan did with Batman Begins, only his script was way better than Millers, and not near as contrived.

This was a case where Warner picked the right person for a change. It'll be interesting to see if Aronofsky is able to someday film Ronin.

Anonymous said...

To all you 3rd party observers out there following this thread..........see what I mean?
THIS is Hollywood.
Un-freaking believable.

This business will be dead in NO time......just watch.

Anonymous said...

This business will be dead in NO time......just watch.

No it wont. Shut up.

Go back to your Birthers meeting and make some signs about Death Panels or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey--leave the birther alone. Like all wingnuts, he/she loves to be told what to think by others. Facts just get in the way of their predetermined want to blame anyone but bush & co. for the sad state of our country.

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