Saturday, August 08, 2009

Weekend Steeple Chase

Now with deep-fried Add On.

No pure-bred animated features in the Top Ten, just viz effx, army dudes, and hamsters, more's the pity ....

... [D]espite all the sniping and snarking, [G.I. Joe's] the biggest opener ever in August for a non-sequel, and the 3rd biggest August opener ever. It looks to debut for a $60.3M North American weekend after earning $22.3M today from a huge release into 4,007 theaters. The pic even made a " B+" CinemaScore ("A-" for under 18)

Give eighteen-year-old boys something to come see, and they'll line up by the battalion ...

Elsewhere, Meryl Streep is having a fine opening, and the macho wheel-running rodents have now pulled down almost $80 million, while those big Transforming robots near the $400 million domestic marker.

Which answers the question: "How much richer will God allow Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg to become?"

(The answer: "Lots.")

Add On: Paramount doesn't let G.I. Joe out of his bunker early for critical mortar fire, and Joe pulls down $56.2 million.

Julie and Julia turns out to be good counter-programming for people older than twenty-four, and earns $20.1 million in its first weekend.

In animation land, Ice Age the Third drops 54% and tumbles from the Top Ten, taking in $2.5 million for a domestic total of $187.8 million. (Fox sheds no tears, as Blue Sky;s latest effort breaks international records.

Monsters vs. Aliens, down to 140 theaters, has collected $198.1 million.


Anonymous said...

"Give eighteen-year-old boys something to come see, and they'll line up by the battalion ..."

Well, sure, but the story of the weekend for me was if you give adults over 18 something to come see they will also line up.

Always need to take a closer look at the numbers:

"Julie & Julia" was in only 2,354 theaters compared to GI Joez' 4,007 theaters. "Julie & Julia" took in $20,100,000 which was HALF of it's reported production budget of $40 million, compared to Joe's $56,200,000 take measured against it's reported $175 million production budget.

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