Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tonite's Membership Meeting

Kind of historic. TAG had its first membership meeting in its new home, gave tours of the building, and everyone agreed that all in all, it was a big step up from the North Hollywood facility ...

TAG officers gave a detailed overview of the recent negotiations. President Emeritus Tom Sito observed that although the deal wasn't exactly what the guild had been aiming for, given the economic realities and the general anxiety of artists working shorter gigs at longer hours, there was general relief that nobody was working without a contract or facing the prospect of voting to authorize a strike.

We also ran out of pizza.


Animated Response said...

Did you run out of beer?

Steve Hulett said...

Yeah. Like before we started.

We only serve soda pop. No point in getting sued for allowing people to drive home drunk.

Jeff Massie said...

Not to mention, the Department of Labor (and the IATSE By-Laws) won't let us serve alcohol.

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