Friday, April 16, 2010

Dragon's Hold

B.O. Mojo displays and explains the numbers:

Weekly Report: ... How to Train Your Dragon dropped 34 percent to $30.1 million. ... For the second week in a row, How to Train Your Dragon had the best hold of any nationwide release, though its 34 percent week-to-week drop was more severe than its 14 percent weekend dip. This is mainly attributable to the Easter holiday boosting mid-week numbers last week: Dragon's Monday-Thursday grosses were down 68 percent. Through three weeks, Dragons sits at $138.6 million, off $11 million from Monsters Vs. Aliens at the same point last year.

HTTYD has steadily closed on Monsters vs. Aliens domestic numbers since its tepid opening weekend. The feature likely stands a good chance of passing MvA's stateside gross in the next seven to fourteen days.

A few stats: Monsters ended its run with 52% of its worldwide total ($381.5 million) coming from U.S. and Canadian theaters.

Dragon reverses that, with 46% of a $300.5 million take (so far) coming from Canada and the U.S. and Canada.

HTTYD has had strong legs, which can be attributed to a solid story structure and first-rate execution. We can blame its under-powered opening on a publicity and advertising campaign that didn't click until it was rejiggered a week before Dragon's premiere. (Add to that a crowded 3-D field. Monsters, by contrast, had the -- somewhat smaller -- 3-D racetrack to itself*.)

* It's always fun to armchair quarterback after the fact. If DreamWorks Animation's latest had opened with a $70 million haul, I'd be saying how the savvy promotional campaign really kicked the movie into overdrive ...


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, folks are still telling friends and family about Dragon on Twitter: dragon

Anonymous said...

It's such a cute kids cartoon. I dropped the grankids (7 and 8) off to see it and they liked it.

AmyV said...

I thought HTTYD was an incredible film but I think Dreamworks have missed a trick with the advertsing and especially merchandise, at least in the UK. They seem to be putting all their energies in to promoting the next Shrek, which is a shame because I think HTTYD could've been as good a money spinner as Shrek ever was!

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