Friday, April 02, 2010

The Easter Derby

Now with week-end Add On.

And the question, how high will Titans fly? How will Dragon perform in its sophomore stint? The prognosticators spout their opinions:

Some are predicting [How to Train Your Dragon] will fall just 30% this weekend, which would give it just over $30 million over the next three days. That seems a little too optimistic for me, but even a 35% drop off to $28 million would be a great sophomore stint and would keep the film on pace to reach more than $150 million at the box office.

Which is a smidge higher than the Nikkister predicts Dragon will do:

... 3D holdover How To Train Your Dragon -- which still needs to make up last weekend's disappointing debut -- should finish Easter weekend with cumes in the $20M-$25M range.

Through Thursday, HTTYD had gathered in $63,125,872, bumping up 15.6% to first place (after giving it up to Miley on Wednesday) ...

Add On: The Nikkster ups the estimate to Dragon:

... DreamWorks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon ... made $11.2M Friday from 4,060 locations -- down just -36% from a week ago -- and could reach $28M this weekend ...

(The Mojo has Dragon's Friday take as slightly lower ...).

Add On Too: At the wire, Dragon declines -33.2%, the smallest drop of any feature in the Top Ten. It collects $29.2 million with a domestic total of $92.3 million. (Cinemascore didn't lie; audiences like it ... and apparently the Viking have legs.)


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