Sunday, April 25, 2010

Overseas Movie Performance

The grosses in foreign lands continue to pile up nicely for our fine entertainment conglomerates.

..."Clash of the Titans" claimed an estimated $32 million from 10,075 screens in 60 markets on the weekend, raising its overseas boxoffice total to $240.4 million. ...

Taking second place on the weekend was Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," which tallied $26.7 million in its eighth round on the foreign circuit from 7,233 venues in 54 markets. A Brazil bow generated $5.7 million from 649 locations, Disney's biggest market gross ever for this market.

Director Tim Burton's 3D re-imagining of the Lewis Carroll classic has rolled up an overseas boxoffice total so far of $548.5 million, making "Alice" the 17th most popular offshore grosser ever ...

Finishing third on the weekend was DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon," which lured $11 million from 6,671 situations in 60 markets. Of this tally, 59% came from 3D venues, said distributor Paramount.

In its fourth round in France, "Dragon" drew $3 million from 811 locations for a market cume of $18.3 million. So far, the animation title has grossed a total of $194 million overseas.

Dragon has accumulated $372 million worldwide through this weekend, and looks to blast through the $400 million level within days.

This compares favorably with the $381.5 million accumulation of Monsters vs. Aliens, the dragon's immediate predecessor. My guesstimate is, HTTYD will pull more of its total box office from overseas, which would be a reversal of Monsters' totals, 52% of which came from the United States and Canada.


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