Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To DreamWorks Animation

Everytime I truck over to the DreamWorks campus, I find that one department or another has been moved to a different building.

Layout is now tucked away in the newer, fresh-painted space of the expanded Lakeside building. The Croods's story staff has transferred out of their old digs to (I think) the same building, its third move while I've been keeping track (and it ain't easy to keep track. As a long-time DreamWorker told me: "We move so often I walk to the wrong office for two or three days after the transfer." ...

And a different DW artist says that hand-drawn vignettes of future CG features will show up on future DVDs.

"...They liked how the drawn animation turned out for Kung Fu Panda, so they're planning more of it for other projects, at least two that I know about. It's kind of interesting doing drawn models from the CG models ..."

MegaMind, DWA's last released feature of the year, is still in story tweaks:

"There's only two board artists on it right now. Could be more later. We're still doing changes to the second act, but sequences have been locked and are in animation ..."

And work hums along at the Glendale campus.


Anonymous said...

LoL... Glad to hear nothing has changed at DW. They were *obsessed* with moving people around from room to room and building to building.
Never fixed anything.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like moving from a nice private office to a semi-private broom closet in the Lakeside building to remind a person how he rates in the whole scheme of things. Now where did I put my "Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work" For survey...?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, working in FAB was nice. Who were the ones who decided that small cubes with low walls at Lakeside were better than private offices in FAB?

Anonymous said...

Private offices are a superior environment for artists to concentrate and get more work done...and we can't have that. At least we have ping-pong tables.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone who traded in a FAB private office for a Lakeside open cubicle, who prefers the Lakeside open cubicle? Personally, I preferred my office at FAB.

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