Sunday, April 18, 2010

Three Lantz stars

Click the thumbnail for a high-res version of the artwork.

Courtesy of the Megacollector, here's a bit of comic book art by Dick Hall of Charlie Chicken, Andy Panda and Woody Woodpecker of the Walter Lantz 'toon tribe.

Dick Hall worked as an animator, character designer, and comic book artist for half a century. (He was fired by Disney in 1931 when Walt found out he was looking for another job.) Much later, Mr. Hall drew Disney comic book art.

Charlie Chicken made his last screen appearance in 1943's "Meatless Tuesday", which, along with the Woody design, pegs this as being from the 1940s. Mr. Mega informs us this artwork was created in 1947.


Frank M. Young said...

Charlie Chicken was created for the Dell comic book NEW FUNNIES by writer John Stanley. He first appeared in issue #79, published in 1943.

Although the chickens in MEATLESS TUESDAY do look like Charlie, they are not this character. It's possible that John Stanley was given model sheets for this cartoon when he wrote his first story for NEW FUNNIES. Charlie is very much his creation.

This is a NEW FUNNIES cover drawing, or a promotional piece. Dell would offer special promo pieces, printed on slick paper in color, to new subscribers.

This appears to be from after John Stanley stopped working on NEW FUNNIES. I would place this from around 1950.

Take a look at NEW FUNNIES covers from 1949 to '51. This will probably be one of them.

Frank M. Young said...

This is the cover to NEW FUNNIES #161, published in 1950.

Alberto Becattini said...


I have just seen this cover, and I can tell for sure that the artist is not Dick Hall, but Dan Gormley. Gormley worked for Western Printing's NY office from 1942-62, drawing lots of characters - - including Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, Tom & Jerry, Cinderella, Howdy Doody, Krazy Kat, and Heckle and Jeckle. He obviuosly drew lots of covers, especially for Lantz and Disney titles, and illustrated Howdy Doody Little Golden Books.


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