Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Foreign Horse Race

Beyond the blue Pacific and gray Atlantic, Dragon appears to be holding up well:

... In second place overall was DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon," which drew $23.7 million from 7,033 venues in 55 markets, with nearly 70% of the gross emanating from 3,357 3D locations. Offshore gross total stands at $148.1 million to date.

"Dragon's" only opening market was Poland, where weekend action ($790,000 from 95 spots) was dampened by the Saturday air crash that killed the Polish president and dozens of political and military leaders. (Cinemas in Poland are closed until Tuesday, said Paramount.)

The animation title's holdover in Australia produced a No. 1 ranking with $3.2 million from 358 spots, an increase of 42% from the prior weekend, with 68% of the action coming from 3D venues. "Dragon's" worldwide cume stands at $282 million. ...

So after a bumpy lift-off, the latest from DWA appears to be headed for a profitable future.

Assuming $190 million in domestic accumulations, also assuming a 40%/60% U.S./Foreign breakdown of worldwide grosses, can we anticipate a worldwide total of $475 million for the Viking picture? (Seems pretty reasonable to me. And perhaps total dollars will be a skosh higher ...)


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I suppose the big downside now a long run as opposed to raking it all in on the first weekend is that you have to try hold onto the lucrative, but in-short-supply 3D screens longer than you planned.

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I bought DWA at 37.50 during the panic after the first weekend and now it's back up to 40.50

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