Friday, May 16, 2014

A Hit?

The odds look good, if the trades are any indication.

... Cannes this year might as well be called the Jeffrey Katzenberg International Film Festival. He’s had his cast and star dragon from How To Train Your Dragon 2 cruising the Croisette looking for paparazzi — and finding them. ...

[How To Train Your Dragon 2] should be a major Best Animated Feature Oscar contender. It really manages to top the 2010 first film in terms of heart, laughs, action and pure exhilaration. And it won a major ovation at its official screening Friday. ...

So there you have it. Laughs. Exhilaration. Action. Which will mean the company will ... if the predictions are accurate ... break out of its recent slump.

DWA was due for a comeback. Looks like the new movie will be the slingshot that catapults it back toward prosperity.


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