Thursday, May 22, 2014

Studio Roundabouts

The last few days I've been at Disney TVA (Sonora and the Yahoo Building) and Bento Box, where production-type things are happening. ...

Up at the Empire Center (that's near the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, if you're wondering), Princess Sophia the First is embarked on a third season of shows while the second season wraps up.

The 7D, airing this July, is close to completing work on its first group of episodes, with many storyboard artists on hiatus as storyboard revisionists continue work into June. (Penn Zero, another yet-to-air Disney show, is also in work.)

Long-running series Jake and the Neverland Pirates is slated to return for another season, but many artists are still on hiatus.

Over at Disney TVA Sonora, a new set of Mickey Mouse shorts (three minutes long, and animated in Canada) is in work, as are newer installments of Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder. Sonora also has some new projects in work, but since I'm A) not sure they've been announced, and B) have no desire to listen to another Disney manager bark at me on the phone, the less I say about them the better.*

Bento Box Burbank (the facility on Magnolia near Buena Vista Street) continues work on Bob's Burgers, while Bento Box North Hollywood (located at Lankershim and Magnolia) creates another season of Brickleberry and is ramping up production on Bordertown, the latest prime-time animated half-hour from the MacFarlane creative team.

They had just finished screening an animatic for one of Bordertown's early shows when I walked in, and crew members reported it was funny. Additional Bordertown staff comes on board next week as the production continues to ramp up.

* Kindly note that I'm a wee bit sketchy about some of the shows in work at Disney TVA Glendale. I tend not to pay attention to show titles, or who's doing what to which series. TV animation is an ever-changing, always-shifting kaleidoscope and I don't pay close attention to everything. I know it's wrong but I'm weak.


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