Sunday, May 18, 2014

World Box Office

Only two animated features in the race, one of which never seems to stop accumulating revenue.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World Cumes)

Rio 2 -- $7,600,000 -- ($ )

Frozen -- $7,800,000 -- ($1,206,323,000)

So why is Frozen still raking it in? Here's a reason:

Frozen. 10 weeks. No. 1. Japan. $179.6M. No kidding.

The animated film about unconditional love is up 8% over last weekend. Should we now recite the records in the country? Okay, let’s start with the biggest ever Disney release, be it animated or live action. Biggest Pixar release. Highest grossing animated release of all time from the U.S. and the third highest U.S. release of all time. Internationally, it’s playing in only three territories, but still managed to skate in with another $7.8M in its … wait for it … 26th week of release overseas.

It is now at $1.2 billion. ...

Rio 2, meanwhile, flew in with another $7.6M from 55 markets to bring it’s total cume to $322.4M. Added to what it is expected to make in the states this weekend, the worldwide cume for this animated family picture is over $440M. ...


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