Monday, May 12, 2014

The Upward Trend

Deadline takes note of the employment growth in animation.

... “The work has really increased on the television side. ... There’s more storyboard work and design work, and it’s all driven by animation’s profitability. Animated television shows have been a great cash cow and profit stream for the conglomerates. They can make them at a competitive price, and they have a long shelf life.” ...

As I said to Dave Robb, there aren't a lot of live-action shows from the sixties that still have new episodes and and direct-to-video features being made, but that's the case with Scooby-Doo. (If you'd told me the Scoob was going to be one of the iconic cash cows of Cartoonand in 1969 -- when I was a sophomore in college -- I would have fallen on the floor laughing.)

And The Flintstones, an even older cartoon series, is being prepped as an animated feature. Funny, but I can't think of any other t.v. shows from 1960 that are being made into long-form theatricals.


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