Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As Goes Disney and DreamWorks Animation ...

So goes the house that Jack (and Sam and Harry) built?

Time Warner Inc. is in early-stage talks to buy the YouTube network Fullscreen Inc., in a move that would give the media giant a hefty online video presence and access to younger viewers.

People familiar with the matter said that although a deal is yet to be finalized, Time Warner could end up paying a price similar to the $500 million that The Walt Disney Company (DIS) shelled out last month to buy Maker Studios, another popular YouTube network. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding these YouTube networks that have emerged over the last few years. Here’s why we think Time Warner is forging ahead with a takeover bid for Fullscreen. ...

Our fine, entertainment conglomerates are stampeding to the New Media frontier. The question will be, how do the Big Players monetize their new acquisitions? And will this (ultimately) mean the end of cable networks? Broadcast networks?

Animation plays a sizable (and growing) role on the inside this space, and TAG represents artists who create content for the platform. TAG's contract covers "New Media" with similar language found in other IA contracts, and WGA contracts, DGA contracts, etc.


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