Thursday, May 08, 2014

Climbing Into Live-Action

I've met a lot of people who want to escape Cartoonland. So Mr. Judge doesn't surprise here.

... I actually always wanted to do live-action TV in particular. When I started doing animation, my pipe dream was to become a Terry Gilliam kind of guy and latch onto sketch comedy. I was a big fan of Harvey Pekar’s comic book American Splendor and always thought that would be interesting to see that type of everyday observation in animation. I’m also not a particularly good animator, so I guess it was inevitable that I’d end up in live action. ...

In the sixties, seventies, early eighties (choose one), animation was an impoverished and unglamorous neighborhood of Hollywood Show Biz. Even in the late eighties and early nineties, I encountered a lot of administrative types, Vice Presidents #22 and #23 in the Disney feature animation department, whose dream was to find a way into REAL movie-making, the live-action part.

That trend has moderated somewhat since those long-ago times, but there is still a steady urge on the part of various animation people to migrate into live-action. ("Tim did it. Brad did it. Why can I do it?"

If nothing else, the money is better. And you might run into Jennifer Lawrence.


Floyd Norman said...

I can certainly attest to that. In live-action the money is definitely better. However, there's a downside. You might work with a few jerks in animation. But, in live-action I guarantee you'll meet satan the devil. And, he's gonna be your boss.

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