Friday, May 30, 2014

The New-Movie Channel

The ground continues to shift in the way that people consume live-action and animated features:

Consumers are rapidly adapting to purchasing movies through digital channels, according to NPD.

* The growth rate for the electronic sell-through of movies is triple of that for TV EST.

* The exclusive early release window for some digital titles appears to be helping to boost demand and awareness.

* The trend is encouraging for studios looking to capture some of the lost revenue from the lower demand for DVDs.

* Movie theater operators might look at the development differently with their revenue share mix tilted higher the longer movies stay in a theater.

Why is Electronic Sell Through important? Or being posted about here?

Because "sell through" is part of a secondary mvoie market, and labor organizations get a piece of the action. For the Animation Guild and the IATSE, DVDs and electronic sell through royalties help fund our pension and health plans.


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