Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happenings At Studios NOT Disney...

While most eyes have been focussed on the Mouse House's animation studio and what its new leaders are up to, other things have been percolating at L.A. studios that don't have "Disney" in their names... At DreamWorks, we hear that Jerry Seinfeld remains deeply involved with the animated feature he developed and wrote as the project moves into production. Staffers say he looks at models and designs giving input, and that he's in the studio every few weeks looking at animation. He's also video teleconferencing from New York to stay fully involved. The picture is reputed to be shaping up nicely... At IDT/DPS/Film Roman, staff continues to expand inside the new Hollywood Way facility. In addition to all the television and direct-to-video product, a crew for one of the studio's upcoming theatrical features will soon be headquartered on the building's first floor. (At present, most of the artistic staff is on the third floor, with administration occupying floor #2.)


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