Thursday, March 09, 2006

The IATSE Basic Agreement -- Final Tally

The final ratification results for the IATSE-AMPTP Basic Agreement are in, and they are as follows:
YES  --  67.3%
NO  --  32.7%
Total returned ballots: 33% out of approximately 35,000 eligible votes (I'm guesstimating here on total possible participants. I don't have the hard stats.)
The Cinematographers (Local 600) and Propmakers (Local 44) voted "No."  All other local unions and guilds that are in the bargaining unit the Basic Agreement (and remember, The Animation Guild is not one of them) voted "Yes."
This was a hard-fought vote.  The Cinematographers' Executive Board was angered by the elimination of mandatory staffing for one camera operator during negotiations; as a result, many Local 600 board members and some rank and file members campaigned against the agreement.  The IATSE deployed staffers to explain the new contract and urge a "Yes" vote.  The vast majority of IA locals also campaigned in support.
The Cinematographers had a difficult, uphill battle to get the agreement rejected.  It's never happened before and it didn't happen this time.  Given the quality of the deal, it was pretty well fated NOT to happen.


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