Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Our new home

Here's a photo of our new home at 1105 N. Hollywood Way, in Burbank. We won't be ready to move in for probably 8-12 months, but we thought you'd want an early look.

We're currently in the inspection phase, so it's not a completely done deal yet, but it's looking good. We'll be engaging an architect to make over the exterior of the building (it's pretty blah now, as well as to build out a portion of the building that is currently warehouse space.

And the best part? See that parking lot on left? That entire parking lot (along with 10 more spaces in the front of the building) will be ours!


willipino said...

sweet!!! good job, kevin.

Kevin Koch said...

Thanks! And I say that for myself and for the exec board and the staff, who all played a big part in this.

Shawn Scott Palmer said...

Hey Kevin! This may sound like a stupid question but...That's the new location for the Guild? BTW...Shawn Scott = Shawn Palmer ;)

Kevin Koch said...

Hey Shawn! It's on 1105 N. Hollywood Way, just south of Chandler and north of Magnolia, on the west side of the street. Right by the piano place with the blue awning.

Kevin Koch said...

Yacin, the artwork on your website is amazing! I want to see 'Gabriel the Faun' and 'Jesus in a Suit'!

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