Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, TAG 401(k) Plan

Come April 1st, the Animation Guild's 401(k) Pension Savings Plan celebrates its 11th year of existence.
On April 1, 1995, Disney Feature Animation Employees became the first IATSE union among what's known as "the West Coast Studio Locals" to get their own plan.  This is in addition to  the Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan benefits.
To date,  TAG's 401(k) Plan has 1650 participants, who now have total assets of over $85 million stashed away.  Plan assets are administered by Mass Mutual, with 29 different investments available. (Stock funds, bond funds, asset allocation options.)
Not too shabby, when you consider that animation employers said "No!/Nyet!/Non!" for years before finally acceding to guild members' demands to set one up.
If you are an active member who has worked (cumulatively) for ninety days at one or more of TAG's signator studios, you can sign up to participate.  Enrollment meetings start in mid-March.  The Spring enrollment deadline is April 1st.


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