Saturday, October 20, 2007

The B.O. As We Know It ...

Hey kids! There's a new animated feature in town!

And it's not, apparently, busting any box office records.

$145,000 on Friday. In 830 theaters.

It's the latest incarnation of the story of Moses, otherwise known as The Ten Commandments. We'll be tracking it with our hearts aflutter.

(Elsewhere in this weekend's box office, 30 Days of Night collected $6,250,000 at #1, Why Did I get Married slumped to #2 and a $3,375,000 take; third position went to the Rock's Game Plan ($2,475,000) and Mr. Clooney's Michael Clayton took 4th... along with $2,250,000 into the bargain.)

Update: The Ten Commandments takes in $450,000 ($578 per screen) in the weekend box office steeple chase, good for #23. Don't look for Commandments to claw its way into the Top Ten.

On a brighter note, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (in Disney Digital 3-D!) snares $5,145,000 on 564 screens, making it by far the highest per-screen grosser ($9,122) for the weekend. It lands at #8.

Elsewhere in the charts, #1 horror flick 30 Days of Night collects $16 million, #2 Married drops 43.3% and now possesses a $38,856,000 total, #3 The Game drops a mere 26.4% and has $69,150,000 under its belt, and #4 Michael Clayton snares $7.1 million while dropping 31.6%.


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