Saturday, October 27, 2007

B.O. Plenty

Horror rules Friday as Saw IV grates out $14.3 million. And Dan In Real Life runs a distant (but well-reviewed) second.

Slicing and dicing is a lucrative business to be in, don't you think?

And the Zombie Flick is #3, putting Steve Carell in middle of a horror-gore sandwich.

Meanwhile, animated Tim Burton now holds down #10 on the hit list. Nightmare Before Christmas has collected $7.6 million in its latest reissue...

Update: To nobody's surprise, the carnage fans turned out in force for Saw IV, and the gore-fest takes in $32.1 million (slightly below the last Saw's opening weekend numbers.

Dan In Real Life -- running in the Place position a half mile back -- snares "$12 million, while 30 Days of Night, last week's Big Horror Movie, drops 58% while collecting $6.7 million.

In the animated category, Nightmare Before Christmas, jingling along at #10, drops a mere 37.2% to run its total to $10 million.

And The Ten Commandments? It stands at $788,000 after two weekends in release. It won't be adding theaters.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but how's it going with The Ten Commandments?

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